4 Bottles of 100ml Rheosept Hand Sanitizer + 1 Pack Rheosept WD Plus Mini Wipes

£14.07 £22.90

Package Include: 

4 Bottle Hand Sanitizer + 1 Pack of Mini Wipes. 

Product description

The combo deal consistes of 4 bottles of high quality hand rub (100ml each) and 1 pack of Alcoho-free Disinfecting Wipes.

Rheosept hand rubs are suitable to be frequently without drying the handsout due to auto-replenishing system that hydrates the skin. 

Rheosept WD plus Wipes is an alcohol-free wipes that is virucidal in 1 minute. It is effective against Rota, Noro, HIV, HBC, HPV, HCV, Vaccinia and BVDV. Suitable to be used for surface disinfection for a peace of mind. 

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